Here at Big Bear Studios we are passionate about games. All of our team enjoy both playing and creating amazing games and have been avid gamers from childhood.

Stuart Farnaby

Big Bear

The biggest bear around!

If he's not making games then he is playing them.

Alasdair McDonald

Design Bear

A pencil in hand and Al is a happy bear!

Spends his evenings creating art for our games and playing Dark Souls.

Sean Tromans

Coding Bear

Coding, Pokemon & Cake.

Those are Sean's favourite things in life!

Tony Simons

QA Bear

A dab hand at breaking things, he battle tests all of our games.

He is also pretty good at making music.

Sam Luo

Art Bear

A bear with an artistic flair!

Luckily having paws doesn't stop her creating amazing art work.